About us

Microbyte is the world's first Smart Asset blockchain. Built from the ground up for enterprise-grade performance, Microbyteblockchain technology delivers a world class platform for management of almost any kind of asset: currencies, supply chains, notarizations, ownership records and more. Microbyte’s power is exposed through a straightforward and secure developer interface so that you can deploy your blockchain solution in record time. Whether you are building the next best mobile app or bringing blockchain into your existing business infrastructure, Microbyte makes blockchain work for you.

Microbyteallows anyone to completely customize how they use the Microbyte blockchain, with a robust set of features including domain-like namespaces and full on-blockchain Multi-signature control. Any application can access these features through Microbyte simple API allowing easy integration within mobile apps, existing business infrastructure or contract logic. The Microbyte public blockchain provides an open and self-scaling platform for developers.

Government organizations across the globe are exploring the use of blockchain technology to improve operations. The ability to record transactions on distributed ledgers offers new approaches for governments to improve transparency, prevent fraud, and establish trust.
The Foundation is committed to work with Governments to further spread the use of MCB Blockchain Technology.